Security patrols in Inverclyde

Keep your business premises or holiday home protected with mobile patrols from 2K’s Security

Professional security patrols

Whether you are a business owner, a construction site manager or a private homeowner, your property or site is an important investment. As such, it should be kept protected to prevent unnecessary financial losses. Full-time security coverage is certainly the most effective method, but it is far from being the most economical – especially for residential customers. CCTV, meanwhile, does work to deter intruders – but the lack of physical security presence still puts the premises at risk.

Mobile security patrols are an excellent way to keep your property protected, without having to invest in full-time manned security. Having security guards checking on your premises over an agreed timescale will effectively deter vandals and thieves – and you can have the peace of mind that trained professionals are keeping a watchful eye on your property.

What are the benefits?

  • Ability to cover large or inhospitable areas
  • Quick response to alarms or incidents
  • Deter criminals and intruders from targeting your property
  • Affordable alternative to static security guards
  • A watchful eye on your property, even during unsocial hours
  • Personalised service – we will check on your property as frequently as you like

Based in Inverclyde,

2K’s Security provide licensed security guards and trained specialists for commercial and domestic clients across the UK. From door and event personnel to manned security for your construction site or solar farm, you can count on us for a professional and reliable security service. Call us now on 0800 999 4006 for a free quote.

Manned Guarding

Deter vandals, thieves, and other criminals with a visible security presence at your construction site or business premises.

Mobile Patrols

An economical, practical way to safeguard your business and assets without investing in full-time manned guarding.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Have the peace of mind that somebody is on hand to respond to your alarm, without compromising a potential insurance claim.

Solar Farm Security

Professional 24/7 security services available to protect your solar farm, during construction and while operational.

Wind Farm Sites

Our security team have experience working in remote locations, and are ideally placed to keep an eye on your site during silent hours.

Canine Security

Keep your event or festival safe from unauthorised access with our fully-trained dog handlers and security dogs.

Call our professional team on 0800 999 4006 to find out more about our range of on-site security services or request a quote.