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At 2K’s Security we are an experienced and well-known security provider based in Port Glasgow, Inverclyde. We offer a huge range of security and guarding services to clients all over the UK and we are specialists in providing security for solar and wind farms. Our team of fully qualified and trained security individuals is always on hand to offer a comprehensive, 24-hour security service – be it mobile security patrolling, canine security, manned guarding or door supervising. We focus on quality of service over trying to out-price the competition; ours is a premium level of service, with comprehensive measures in place to protect and monitor the welfare of our staff. That’s why our loyal staff stick with us for such a long time – and why our customers choose our services again and again.

Employ the best, not the rest

Getting fed up with the influx of so called security companies. Not adequately insured, charging clients way too little just to get business thus devaluing the security profession. Low rates are now accepted as the norm. This is something we need to...

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Manned Guards, Security Guards, Door Supervisors

We at 2K’s are a Professional Company. We value our clients and most importantly our Staff. Whether it’s Manned Guards, Security Guards or Door Supervisors, we are nothing without our staff. We pay our staff as much as we can. We would like to...

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Manned Guarding

Deter vandals, thieves, and other criminals with a visible security presence at your construction site or business premises.

Mobile Patrols

An economical, practical way to safeguard your business and assets without investing in full-time manned guarding.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Have the peace of mind that somebody is on hand to respond to your alarm, without compromising a potential insurance claim.

Solar Farm Security

Professional 24/7 security services available to protect your solar farm, during construction and while operational.

Wind Farm Sites

Our security team have experience working in remote locations, and are ideally placed to keep an eye on your site during silent hours.

Canine Security

Keep your event or festival safe from unauthorised access with our fully-trained dog handlers and security dogs.

Call our professional team on 0800 999 4006 to find out more about our range of on-site security services or request a quote.