We at 2K’s are a Professional Company. We value our clients and most importantly our Staff. Whether it’s Manned Guards, Security Guards or Door Supervisors, we are nothing without our staff. We pay our staff as much as we can.

We would like to pay them more. However our hands get tied as we are constantly being undercut by companies who go in at a much lower Cost to the Client than we can. Like any company we have overheads. We have an office, we have vehicles. we have fuel costs. we have all the Vehicle Insurance and Company Insurance.

If we are barely making ourselves break even by complying with all these needs, we ask you how do the other companies do it? One of the big ones is paying staff a low rate. This in turn devalues the Industry and the Job we are paying to do. Our staff would not work for that kind of money. People who are desperate and accept this low wage are more prone to be open to not caring about the client, their responsibilities and are more open to “turning a blind eye” or in some exceptional cases, stealing from the client. We need to make a stand and fight these desperate and unscrupulous people that are only in it to make money for themselves. Nobody will care until they get caught out and get their fingers burnt. However are you willing to take that risk?

Expect to pay accordingly for your the Protection of your Assets. In many situations our staff put themselves and their safety on the line to protect your premises or assets but you want to pay as little as possible for this. With the massive increase in People being licensed in the Industry our standards have dropped. Too many people think it’s easy to start a company and try to get away with paying Insurance etc just so they can line their pockets. A lot will subcontract from companies then take their business by trying to undermine the other company that has actually been paying them and looking after them.

I hear all the time “Business is Business”. Yes it is but we have pride, standards and ethics. These are free… our services aren’t.